QUIZ: Honey, you can go your own way to Denmark via Lake Cargelligo

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 questions for you.


1 Chris Evert was a champion in what sport?

2 Who wrote the line Something is rotten in the State of Denmark?

3 Good Night, John Boy was a catchphrase on what popular 1970s TV drama?

4. In what state is Lake Cargelligo?

5 Who had the 1977 hit Go Your Own Way?

6 Erin is an ancient name for what country?

7 To throw down the gauntlet is to do what?

8 What are breeches?

9 Which food never goes off and does not require preservatives to keep fresh?

10 Sn is the chemical symbol for which element?

Get your hands off my gauntlet.


1 Tennis.

2 William Shakespeare.

3 The Waltons.

4 New South Wales.

5 Fleetwood Mac.

6 Ireland.

7 To issue a challenge to someone – originally to a duel – by the warrior throwing his protective glove (gauntlet) on the ground. The opponent could pick it up to accept the challenge or decline to do so. In modern times the expression may be a challenge to deliver the facts, deliver on a promise or some other challenge.

8 Pants or trousers covering the body from the waist down, usually stopping just below the knee, though some reach to the ankles.

9 Honey.

10 Tin.

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