QUIZ: How close can you get to 10 out of 10?

Quizmaster John James Maloney has some easy ones and some hard ones in this week’s quiz.


1 Which is the longest of Shakespeare’s plays?

2 Saudi Arabia imports what feral animals from Australia?

3 How many signs are there in the traditional Western Zodiac?

4 This is the Chinese year of what animal?

5 Which Herman Melville book starts with the line Call me Ishmael?

6 Which Australian band had the 1988 hit Under the Milky Way?

7 In what town did Troy Cassar-Daley grow up?

8 Which singer had a grandfather who was a saddler in Tenterfield?

9 What does the old Australian term ryebuck mean?

10 What was mined at Cangai in the Clarence Valley?

It’s my year. I can feel it in my bunny ears.


1 Hamlet (The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark) has 29,551 words.

2 Camels.

3 12.

4 Rabbit.

5 Moby Dick.

6 The Church.

7 Grafton.

8 Peter Allen.

9 Genuine, fair dinkum, excellent.

10. Copper.

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