QUIZ: If only I could be alone again — naturally

Quizmaster John James Maloney has got a few unusual questions for you this week.


1 A Cary Grant classic comedy film from the 1940s was called Arsenic and …?

2 Who will soon become the Australian Ambassador to America?

3 What colour is cyan?

4 Who was the Irish singer who scored multiple hits in the 1970s with songs including Alone Again Naturally and Get Down?

5 What was the name of the cyclone that caused flooding in Western Australia this week?

6 What is a Hills Hoist?

7 What is the name of the hotel at Drake?

8 In what country is the Lombardy region?

9 The Mustang and the Fiesta are models of what car brand?

10 Which famous comet is seen every 75–79 years and was last seen in 1986 and will be seen next in 2061?

Just another paddock-basher.


1 Arsenic and Old Lace.

2 Kevin Rudd.

3 Greenish blue.

4 Gilbert O’Sullivan.

5 Tropical Cyclone Ellie.

6 A rotary clothesline.

7 The Lunatic.

8 Italy.

9 Ford.

10 Halley’s Comet.

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