QUIZ: Keith it to yourself, or you’ll go hoarse

There’s no stopping our Quizmaster John James Maloney, here’s another 10 questions.


1 Children from which local school recently attended a Keith Urban concert in Brisbane?

2 Who had the 1957 hit Jingle Bell Rock?

3 Complete the old proverb You can lead a horse to …

4 Can you name the 1990 film starring Robert de Niro and Robin Williams – was it Sleepers or Awakenings?

5 In what country is the US airbase Kadena located?

6 Which TV family live at 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield?

7 Which veteran singer had a huge comeback with his 1994 Rick Rubin-produced American Recordings CD?

8 In what state of Australia is the Hamersley Range?

9 In what type of sport has young local Nathan Herne excelled during 2022?

10 Rockpool in Sydney is an iconic what: Art Gallery; Nightclub; or Restaurant?

Man, I’m so thirsty, it’s making me hoarse.


1 Urbenville.

2 Bobby Helms.

3 You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

4 Awakenings.

5 Japan.

6 The Simpsons.

7 Johnny Cash.

8 Western Australia.

9 Motor Racing.

10 Restaurant.

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