QUIZ: Know your tractors and rooks

Quizmaster John James Maloney has ten new questions to test your knowledge.


1 What does the Aussie word ripper mean?

2 What country produced Chamberlain farm tractors?

3 On the periodic table what does S stand for?

4 In the long running comic strip, who is Dagwood Bumstead married to?

5 Since 2022 Jeremy Rockliff has been premier of which state?

6 In what game is there a rook?

7 Who had the 1984 hit song One Night in Bangkok?

8 A part of Chinese culture for over 7000 years, what is a xun?

9 Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas was a character in what 1987 film?

10 What town on the Northern Rivers was once called The Biggest Little Town in Australia?

Chamberlains at the Australian Chamberlain Championships and Tractor Pull. Photo: nsw.gov.au


1 Very good, great etc.

2 Australia.

3 Sulphur.

4 Blondie.

5 Tasmania.

6 Chess.

7 Murray Head.

8 A musical instrument similar to an ocarina.

9 Wall Street.

10 Mullumbimby.

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