Quiz: Mistletoe can ‘make’ you do what – even if you’re a boofhead?

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 new questions for you. See how you go.


1 Vincent Ball turned 100 this week – he is a well known Australian actor or artist?

2 Airforce Beach is in which local town?

3 Are loose rocks on a mountainside called scram or scree?

4 What name starting with V did the New Hebrides change its name to?

5 Glaucoma affects which body part?

6 From which language do we get the word mattress; Arabic or Hawaiian?

7 In the King Arthur legends, what type of creature was Cavall; dog or horse?

8 According to tradition, what is done under mistletoe and what can it lead to?

9 Was Ian Dury’s backing band The Boofheads or The Blockheads?

10 Astral Weeks was a platinum album recorded by which Morrison – Jim, Van or Scott Morrison?

Where is my Cavall when needed?


1 Film and TV actor.

2 Evans Head.

3 Scree.

4 Vanuatu.

5 Eye.

6 From Arabic via French. 

7 It was King Arthur’s dog. 

8 A kiss. And during that period in England, a kiss was taken very seriously – it was usually considered a promise of marriage.

9 It was Ian Dury and the Blockheads.

10 Van Morrison.

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