QUIZ: On your feet in Crete, come dance with me in Innaloo

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 more questions for you.


1 In what Australian state is Walla Walla?

2 What 1964 film starting with Z was filmed on Crete with Anthony Quinn and Irene Papas?

3 Who composed the Brandenburg Concertos?

4 In what city is the suburb Innaloo?

5 What ocean surrounds the Azores?

6 What British band recorded Exile on Main Street?

7 Complete this saying Better to be late than be …

8 What country’s men’s cricket team is the Proteas?

9 What does the British phrase to pop your clogs mean?

10 Which human group of muscles can exert the most pressure?

Clogs. There’s not much to say about clogs.


1 NSW.

2 Zorba the Greek.

3 J.S. Bach.

4 Perth.

5 The North Atlantic.

6 The Rolling Stones.

7 Better to be late than be dead on time.

8 South Africa.

9 To die.

10 The jaw.

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