QUIZ: This little fish may look harmless but it could scare you

Quizmaster John James Maloney has ten new questions for you. Number 8 is a beauty.


1 What is the more common name for St Stephens Day?

2 If driving between Drake and Yetman, what highway are you travelling?

3 In what country was Lego invented?

4 Aerophobia is the fear of what?

5 In the J.M. Barrie book Peter Pan, where do the Lost Boys live?

6 According to Greek legend, who fell in love with their own reflection?

7 According to legend, when Pandora opened the jar now known as Pandora’s Box, what was released?

8 What is the name for a group of sharks?

Sylvia’s Mother and The Cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ were two of the many hits of which band?

10 Legendary songwriter Tom Springfield died recently. Who was his famous sister?

How much lego is too much lego?


1 Boxing Day.

2 Bruxner Highway.

3 Denmark.

4 Flying (can also refer to a fear of drafts or of fresh air).

5 Neverland.

6 Narcissus.

7 Physical and emotional curses on humankind.

8 A shiver of sharks.

9 Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show.

10 Dusty Springfield.

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