QUIZ: This rock star bought guitars for every student at a small school

Quizmaster John James Maloney has ten questions for you.


1 Complete the old proverb: Out of the frying pan …

2 What is Australia’s fourth largest state or territory by area?

3 Which is further by road, Lismore to Townsville or Lismore to Geelong?

4 Lazarus Rising: A Personal and Political Autobiography is the autobiography of which former Australian prime minister?

5 Karrie Webb is a very successful player in what sport?

6 What action on March 19, 1932 is Captain Francis de Groot known for?

7 What country music star thrilled the pupils of Urbenville school by Zoom calling them and sending them guitars after he heard they had been singing his tunes at aged care facilities?

8 What was the 1972 hit song by Looking Glass? … Rum and Coca-Cola; Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl); Pina Colada; or Have a Beer With Duncan?

9 Who played the king in the 1956 film The King and I?

10 What annual event will be held on Friday and Saturday April 21–22, 2023 in Bonalbo?

I wish my frypan was this clean.


1 … and into the fire.

2 South Australia.

3 Geelong: Lismore to Geelong 1651km; Lismore to Townsville 1549km.

4 John Howard.

5 Golf.

6 De Groot upstaged Labor Premier Jack Lang by intervening during the official opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Carrying his sword, he rode his horse in and cut the ribbon before Lang could do so. De Groot was a member of the fascist paramilitary organisation the New Guard of Australia and was strongly opposed to Lang.

7 Keith Urban.

8 Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl).

9 Yul Brynner.

10 The Bonalbo show.

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