QUIZ: To go or not to go… that is the question

Quizmaster John James Maloney is at it again with this week’s 10 questions.


1 Australian Jon English was known for what?

2 Who composed the 1812 Overture?

3 What major change happened on February 14, 1966 in Australia?

4 How much money do you collect for passing Go in Monopoly?

5 Complete the old saying Speech is silver

6 Who was Fred Flintstone’s best friend and neighbour?

7 What are Rafferty’s rules?

8 What was invented to correct people’s vision by Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick in 1888?

9 In what city was the long-running soap opera EastEnders set?

10 In what town is the Irving Bridge?

You may not know my face but you know my music.


1 Singer and actor.

2 Tchaikovsky.

3 Decimal currency was introduced and began replacing pounds, shillings and pence.

4 $200.

5 Speech is silver but silence is golden.

6 Barney Rubble.

7 No rules at all, a complete lack of rules.

8 Contact lenses.

9 London.

10 Casino.

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