QUIZ: Where was the Titanic built? Clue: Not in Hawaii

Quizmaster John James Maloney has some tough questions this week.


1 Who is the presenter of the long running ABC Sunday radio show Australia All Over?

2 Which band scored the 1980s top 40 hits, Gold, True, The Freeze?

3 What word is used to say hello and goodbye in Hawaiian?

4 Maracuya is another name for what well-known fruit?

5 What number is on Herbie the Love Bug VW Beetle in the movies?

6 What does the W stand for in George W Bush?

7 In what city was the Titanic built?

8 Leopold the First was king of what European country?

9 In the Gospel of Saint Matthew in The Bible there is a phrase Ye are the … of the Earth:   Pepper;  Salt; or Sugar?

10 What is the meaning of the word clandestine?

Well hello there Hawaii!


1 Ian McNamara.

2 Spandau Ballet.

3 Aloha.

4 Passionfruit.

5 53.

6 Walker.

7 Belfast.

8 Belgium.

9 Salt.

10 Kept secret or done in secrecy.

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