QUIZ: Will you fold or hold?

Quizmaster John James Maloney has been found in Yornup. But where is that? Read on for his 10 new questions.

1 What is the name of the Evans Head rugby league team?
2 What is the largest bone in the human body?
3 What bird is a symbol of peace?
4 Is a pumpkin a fruit or vegetable?
5 What is the chemical symbol for gold?
6 Seismology is the study of what?
7 How many years are there between Commonwealth Games?
8 Who had the 1979 hit song The Gambler?
9 In what state of Australia is Yornup?
10 Robert Clary passed away on November 16 aged 96. He was the last surviving member of the Hogan’s Heroes sitcom. Can you name his character?


1 The Evans Head Bombers.
2 Femur.
3 Dove.
4 Fruit.
5 Au.
6 Earthquakes.
7 Four years.
8 Kenny Rogers.
9 Western Australia.
10 Corporal Louis LeBeau.

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