QUIZ: Would you wear a toque in a velodrome? And eat cake?


1 What type of clothing is a toque?

2 Who wrote the novel Sons and Lovers?

3 What colour is a flag of surrender?

4 Which Australian city first introduced trams in 1861?

5 What happens in a velodrome?

6 In which state is Millmerran?

7 Who had the 1980s top 40 hits Heaven is a Place on Earth, Summer Rain and Our Lips are Sealed?

8 When bread was short in France, a princess (often incorrectly attributed to Marie Antoinette) was quoted as saying “let them eat …”?

9 Sir Henry Bolte was premier of which state?

10 Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper are children of which British celebrity couple?


1. A hat, one variant is often worn by chefs.

2 D.H. Lawrence.

3 It’s a white flag.

4 Sydney.

5 Cycling.

6 Queensland.

7 Belinda Carlisle.

8 Let them eat cake.

9 Victoria.

10 David Beckham and Victoria Adams.

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