QUIZ: You might need a bit of magic to get 10

Quizmaster John James Maloney has ten tricky questions to you.


1 What is baba ghanoush?
2 What musical instrument has types bongo, snare and kettle?
3 In what country is a river named Liffey?
4 What 1980 film stared Olivia Newton John and Gene Kelly?
5 Judith Mavis Cock sold 50 million records over her career. What was was the name she used?
6 What did A.B. Facey call his classic Australian autobiography?
7 In what local government area is Tuncester?
8 Old Glory is the nickname of what nation’s flag?
9 Where will the 2026 Commonwealth Games be held?
10 Harold and Madge Bishop were much loved characters in what iconic TV soap?

Stop arguing you two … and tell us the answers

1 A Mediterranean dip.
2 Drum.
3 Ireland and Australia (Tasmania).
4 Xanadu.
5 Judith Durham.
6 A Fortunate Life.
7 Lismore.
8 USA.
9 In various cities in Victoria, Australia.
10 Neighbours.

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