QUIZ: You’ll be over the Moon if you zip and slither like a dragon through this week’s quiz

Quizmaster John James Maloney hits us up with 10 questions.


1 Ange Postecoglu is a coach in what sport?

2 In the Periodic Table what does K stand for?

3 Quilpie is a town in what state of Australia?

4 The Artful Dodger is a character in which Charles Dickens novel?

5 What is a musical instrument with a name beginning with Z?

6 How many capital letters in the English alphabet are symmetric letters – they appear the same when looked at in a mirror?

7 Who is the month of July named after?

8 Nandabah Street is in what Richmond Valley location?

9 How many Soviet or Russian cosmonauts have walked on the Moon?

10 Who had the 1963 hit song Puff the Magic Dragon?

Are you in your element?


1 Football (soccer).

2 Potassium.

3 Queensland.

4 Oliver Twist.

5 The zither is better known here and Chinese instruments such as the Zhonghu are less well known here.

6 11 letters: A, H, I, M, O, T, U, V, W, X, Y.

7 Julius Caesar.

8 Rappville.

9 None. No Russian has ever walked on the moon. Only 12 men have put a boot on the surface of the Moon. All were American, from Neil Armstrong who was the first to step on the Moon in July 1969 through to Gene Cernan, who was the last to step off the Moon in December 1972.

10 Peter, Paul & Mary.

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