Repair of Deep Creek Rd potholes will cost more than $3million

Susanna Freymark

The potholes along Deep Creek Rd are big — there’s no denying that.

And they won’t be fixed properly until the last week of May.

Kyogle deputy mayor Tom Cooper was taken by a resident for a drive along Deep Creek Rd near Mallanganee. Here is that story. asked Kyogle Council when repairs would be done on Deep Creek Rd.

Here is the reply from general manager Graham Kennett.

“The extent of disaster restoration works on Deep Creek Rd has been scoped and the required documentation was submitted to Transport for NSW in March 2023 for their review,” Mr Kennett said.

The total estimated cost of the restoration works on Deep Creek Road is $3.12 million.

Because council was waiting for confirmation and approval from Transport for NSW Council on the disaster restoration works, drivers will have to continue to navigate the potholes until work begins in late May.

The council’s newsletter stated that “the process in obtaining the many approvals (financial, environmental, cultural) for these repairs is complex and is being dealt with in priority order and where opportunities exist”.

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