Rescue helicopter only way to assist at car rollover in steep 4WD terrain

Westpac Rescue Helicopter flying to help someone in 4WD territory near Tabulam. Photo: Contributed

Emergency services rushed to a car rollover only to find the terrain was so steep, they were unable to assist.

Casino Rescue Squad, police, RFS and paramedics rushed to a car rollover at Emu Creek Extreme Retreat near Tabulam at 11.45am today, Saturday, January 27.

Reports stated a man in his 50s had managed to escape from car as it was rolling.

When emergency services arrived, the patient was located in an extreme 4WD track area some distance from the retreat.

The only access to the patient required an extreme 4WD with a lift kit.

The decision was made that the fastest way to help the patient was to winch them out.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was called and the patient was flown to a trauma hospital

No further details are available on the patient’s condition.

The 4WD rollover happened in steep terrain.

This report came from information supplied by emergency services.

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