Residents riled about third illegal doof party in the bush this year

ABOVE: This aerial photo shows some of the property, believed to be part of the camping and workshops area. Photo: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

A three-day doof party in the woods of Bungawalbin has residents riled.

The constant loud music made last weekend, January 21 and 22 unbearable, the residents said.

They said cars blocked private driveways and many neighbours reported “people who were high” including some with blood on them running down the road.

Two other doofs were held on the same property this month.

Richmond Valley Council was called. The police were called. spoke to residents and all asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

The organisers of the three-day event, Fuck Yes Productions were contacted for comments by but did not respond.

The site where tickets were sold – – said the event was one hour south of Byron Bay.

The exact location was revealed to ticketholders closer to the start – January 20.

Tickets were sold for $100–$200 and the event was billed as a Weekend celebrating Life, Music, Arts, Culture and Lifestyle.

But its neighbours didn’t feel like celebrating that weekend.

“This is the third doof this year,” one said.

“It’s crazy. It’s getting out of hand.”

Another resident said they had to call an ambulance because a man who was “as high as a kite” came onto their property. He had jumped out of a car and was covered in blood.

Another local called the council and said a ranger came out to the property where the event was held.

“But the doof was never shut down,” he said.

A resident 15km away at Myall Creek could hear the music.

“The music was still playing on Monday morning,” another local said.

Richmond Valley Council said after receiving complaints, a ranger went to the Bungawalbin-Whiporie Rd property with police.

Once there, it was confirmed organisers didn’t have planning approvals for the event.

The council issued a $3000 fine (the maximum allowable) against the property owner under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 – Development without Approval – Illegal Music Event/Doof.

A spokesperson said the council supports events with appropriate approvals that do not unduly impact the local community.

However, illegal events such as this raise serious safety concerns, such as bushfire risks, as well as public health and environmental issues.

Residents are encouraged to notify both council and police if they see or hear any unauthorised activity.

The police were asked for a comment but have not yet responded.

A resident estimated that with the 400 or so participants, the organisers made $40,000–$100,000 and faced a fine of only $3000.

Entrance to the doof at Bungawalbin. Photo:Contributed
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