RICHMOND VALLEY ELECTION: Mustow the go for mayor, Group B way ahead in the count

Susanna Freymark

With more than 11,000 out of 16,469 votes counted in Richmond Valley, Robert Mustow has emerged as a clear winner with a whopping 73.6% of those votes. This is the current count of first preference votes only.
His contender Robert Hayes has 26.99% of the votes counted.
The mayoral votes are counted first.
The councillor positions are of course, still being counted and with almost 4,000 of votes counted, the percentages are sitting at:
Group B 57.15%
Robert Mustow, Steve Morrissey, Sandra Humphrys, Sam Cornish, Debra McGillan
Group E 13.68%
Patrick Deegan, Michele Yates Jacob Dhnaram
Group D  10.27%
Robert Hayes, Daniel Simpson, Louise Wicks
Group A 10.02%
Jill Lyons, Peter Neilsen, Ted Hoddinott
Group C 7.07%
Trudy Lamont,  Neale Genge, Portia Walker-Fernando
Robyn Kapeen is ungrouped and sits at 1.46%
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