Roads, cemeteries, cabins and pay discussed at Kyogle Council meeting

There are only two more meetings – on July 8 and August 12 – before the elections on September 14

Here is a summary of the Kyogle Council meeting on June 11.

To listen to the meeting in full go to the council’s podcast.

Present at the June meeting were councillors Tom Cooper, James Murray, Danielle Mulholland, John Burley, Rob Cullen and Janet Wilson.

Councillor Maggie May attended via video link.

Absent: Kylie Webster (apologies sent) and Hayden Doolan.

Here’s a summary of the June meeting.

Slow down at Runnymede Road intersection

There was a lot of discussion about a motion put forward by Ms Mulholland to get Transport for NSW to reduce the speed of cars on either side of the approach to Runnymede Road on Summerland Way.

She said she’d like to see the speed reduced to 50km.

Currently, it is 100km.

Ms May said the motion was “too prescriptive.”

She agreed something needed to be done and suggested a Stop sign at the intersection of Runnymede Road and Summerland Way.

The two growing housing subdivisions along Runnymede Road means there will be more traffic.

There was talk among councillors about a turning lane onto Summerland Way.

Much of the discussion was about the wording of the motion which became inconsequential when Infrastructure and Works manager Derryn Nix said Transport for NSW staff had visited the site last week.

The council had already requested a speed zone review for Runnymede Road as well as Wandii Court, Ngalawa Court and Yarraman Drive.

Runnymede Road intersects with Summerland Way where cars travel at 100km. Photo: Susanna Freymark

Cabins for Bonalbo Caravan Park

Ms Mulholland pushed for the council to find out the cost of putting cabins at the Bonalbo Caravan Park and to investigate how to fund them.

Mr Murray said, “while this is a noble cause, it’s quite a small park. The caravan park is in a flood area and that is a bit of a problem.”

“There are a number of B&Bs and the pub has accommodation – it would be interesting to see what they say.”

Ms Mulholland said the cabins would help stimulate the economy of our villages.

There was a discussion on how the cabins could be mobile which meant in times of flood they could be moved to a safe location.

The motion was passed with all voting in favor except Ms Wilson.

Bonalbo has it all except … what about cabins at the caravan park?

Give me a sign for support services

Ms Mulholland wanted to use the rest of her professional development funding to pay for a street sign for Kyogle Family Support Services.

Council staff said the supply and installation of a new sign for KFSS would cost $271 and it was “standard practice not to make exceptions for individual requests for infrastructure funding.”

There is already a sign for KFSS on the median strip at the junction of Summerland Way and Geneva Street. The sign has Government Access Centre on it.

This labeling was an initiative of Transport for NSW to reduce the visual clutter of too many signs.

Staff said the wording on the existing sign would be replaced by the end of June to read Kyogle Family Support Services.

Questions from councillors with council staff responses

Does the council have adequate space for burials at its cemeteries? (Ms Wilson)

Kyogle LGA cemeteries have at least 25 years of capacity.

Kyogle Cemetery will reach its capacity in the next few years. Fortunately, the council purchased land in 2002 for the lawn cemetery to expand. Expansion of the cemetery will start this coming financial year.

When is the council planning on undertaking work on the Woodenbong Cemetery Road? (Ms Mulholland)

The maintenance crew will work the West of the Range in the new financial year.

The artist impression of the observatory at Mallanganee Lookout.

When is the Mallanganee Observatory due to be completed? Council received $2million grant from the State Government with the council contributing $690,000. Do we have an extension on the grant? (Ms Mulholland)

The council received an extension last month to extend the project completion deadline to December 31, 2025.

Will the council remediate Cope Street and Sandilands Street in Bonalbo when the culvert on Clarence Way is complete? (James Murray)

Any damage done to Cope Street and Sandilands Street will be heavily patched on completion of the culverts. While the work is in progress, the council will maintain the streets as best as possible.

How much should councillors be paid?

This is an annual decision and has written a story about it here.

Should Kyogle councillors be paid more?

Kyogle Council’s financial report for May can be read here.

The Works program can be read here.

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