Rock into the quiz to find out where Elvis is lollygagging at the Heartbreak Hotel

Can you beat the Quizmaster John James Maloney? Here are his 10 questions:


1 In what NSW town is an Elvis Presley festival held every January?

2 Complete the old saying that was apparently first written down by John Wyclif: By hook or by…

3 What is the meaning of the word lollygag; …. a. A joke written on a Minties wrapper; b. Rolling your eyes in disbelief; or c. Time spent aimlessly/being idle?

4 The town of Winslow, Arizona is mentioned in the lyrics of which Eagles hit song of 1972?

5 A pinch hitter may be playing what sport?

6 Gradys Creek and Lynchs Creek flow into what river?

7 The female name Cassie is a shortened form of what name?

8 Who wrote the novel The Green Mile?

9 A popular 80s TV series was Punky what? a. Music. b. Brewster. c. Dory?

10 Where is Kadina High School in NSW?

You may roll your eyes in disbelief at this Mintie.


1 Parkes.

2 By hook or by crook.

3 Time spent aimlessly/being idle.

4 Take It Easy.

5 Baseball and softball and it has since spread to cricket.

6 Richmond River.

7 Cassandra.

8 Stephen King.

9 b. Punky Brewster.

10 Goonellabah.

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