SCAM ALERT: Fake video links, messages and Facebook profiles ripping people off

Susanna Freymark

There are several scams circulating — on Facebook and through messages to your mobile.

These scams are getting your attention by urging you to watch a video that you’re in. Or to pick up a parcel that doesn’t exist.

THIS IS SCAM: Do not click on this link.

Delete the message, block the number.

This is a scam. Delete and block the number.

On Facebook the Kyogle Buy and Swap group had a fake profile of Wendy Roberts reported to police.

‘Wendy’ had listed a swag of furniture items for sale. Some locals even sent a deposit and then Wendy would disappear and they were unable to contact her. The same profile name, often with a different pic, was selling the same items in other part of the state.

Do not send money to someone you don’t know. Only pay when you pick up the items you’re buying.

The most common scams on Facebook are romance, lottery, loan and job scams.

Things to look out for include:

  • People you don’t know in person asking you for money.
  • People asking you to send them money or gift cards to receive a loan, prize or other winnings.
  • Anyone asking you to pay a fee in order to apply for a job.
  • Pages representing large companies, organisations or public figures that are not verified.
  • People asking you to move your conversation off Facebook to a less public or less secure setting, such as a separate email.
  • People claiming to be a friend or relative in an emergency.
  • People who misrepresent where they are located. If someone signs up for Messenger using their mobile phone number, you may be able to check which country their phone number is from. If you’re concerned that a Page may be scamming you, you can check the Page’s location.
  • Messages or posts with poor spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • People or accounts directing you to a Page to claim a prize.

Find out more about scams here.

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