Seems impossible: 90 year old seeks new affordable rental in coastal village

Keith and Ruth Albert outside their home in Evans Head.

Susanna Freymark

Keith Albert has lived in his Evans Head unit for 22 years.

He is from Bonalbo and moved to Evans Head to be close to his sister and her husband. They have since died.

He loves fishing.

” I bought a boat and fished,” Keith said.

“I’ve fished since I came here.”

At 9o, Keith has to find a new home after being told the owners of the unit want him to leave so they can renovate the windows at the property.

His daughter Ruth Albert is his carer and lives with Keith.

“I moved from Queensland to look after Dad,” Ruth said.

They have to vacate the property by April 27 and Ruth is worried about where they will go.

She has been unable to find an affordable rental in Evans Head  – they currently pay $260 a week.

Evans Head, like most coastal towns, has had a boom in property over the years and especially since the covid pandemic.

A quick look at online listings for Evans Head and there isn’t much available  – and there is nothing for $260/week.

One unit Ruth and Keith looked at wasn’t suitable because it had stairs. They also have a small dog called Mister.

Keith wants to stay in Evans Head  – his doctor is there, his friends are there and even though he can’t fish any more, he likes being close to the water.

Ruth is desperate to find somewhere by April 27.

She has a caravan but it would be quite a squeeze for her and her dad.

If you know of a suitable place for Keith and Ruth call Ruth on 0412 680 022.

The unit on the right, where Keith and Ruth Albert live. Photos: Susanna Freymark
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