Service station will drop LPG to gain diesel if approved, council requires more info

ABOVE: The empty service station at Woodburn.

Susanna Freymark

The community of Woodburn waits to hear whether the local service station will re-open after the building and underground tanks were damaged in the floods.

A development application put to Richmond Valley Council closed for public feedback on June 1.

On Monday, June 5, was informed that the council had issued a second stop-the-clock letter (request for further information). It is unknown when a decision will be made, as the applicant now has to supply further information.

The Infinity Mill Group Pty Ltd wants to install an above-ground diesel tank and fix the interior of the service station building on River St, Woodburn.

Ampol was going to operate the service station but the DA stated because of “design disagreements and timing delays, Ampol has since rescinded their offer to lease and is no longer involved in the project”.

The company wants to operate based on the existing proposal that relates to the service station approval from 1972.

The company said the floods caused the building and associated structures, as well as the underground fuel tanks, to be substantially damaged or destroyed.

In the DA, it said:

As a result of this damage, the service station was forced to close and has remained non-operational for many months. This has had a severe impact on the local Woodburn community who do not currently have access to a local fuel source or general store.

Consultants have said the safest option would be to replace the existing LPG tank with an above-ground diesel tank.

Furthermore, advice from a fuel design specialist has found that the tank can be installed in compliance with the relevant requirements and standards to ensure the tank is safe for use and will not adversely impact on adjoining land or properties.

The service station is likely to look as it did before the floods once repairs are done. The plan is to offer basic goods in a service station shop.

The only change is replacement of the existing LPG tank with a diesel tank and relining of underground tanks – which will not be visible.

The cost of repairs and moving tanks is expected to be about $105,000.

The Woodburn supermarket is still damaged and has been closed since the floods.

A highway service centre at New Italy was refused by Richmond Valley Council’s Development Assessment Panel in January last year.

The interior of the Woodburn IGA supermarket which was damaged in the floods. Photos: Susanna Freymark

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