Singer Harry shows some Kyogle style

ABOVE: Livinia and Emma Graham at the concert in Sydney. Photo: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

Make some noise for Livinia from Kyogle! singer Harry Styles shouted out at his concert.

The British singer asked the 7000-strong crowd if anyone was “not from Sydney” at his concert at Accor Stadium on March 3.

Livinia and Emma Graham from Kyogle were there in the front row.

It was insane that Harry called out, Livinia said.

Here’s what he said:

Harry: Who is from Sydney? Who is not from Sydney?

Livinia: Kyogle… (Harry doesn’t hear her) …near Byron Bay

Harry: Whereabouts?

Livinia: In the middle of nowhere. Kyogle.

Harry tries to say the word Kyogle and something else comes out. Livinia shouts out Kyogle again, Harry eventually gets it.

Harry: Kyogle – is it just you there? What’s your name?

Livinia shouts out her name.

Harry: Make some noise for Livinia. We’re off to a strong start.

Livinia said she was a bit shocked.

“There’s videos with hundreds of thousands of views of Harry saying Kyogle,” Livinia said.

This means a lot more people are going to know about Kyogle.

Livinia’s favourite Harry Styles song is Satellite. Listen to it below.

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