Snapping stories in stunning portraits

ABOVE: Guess who loves to swim? Clayton Wilkinson in the pool. Photos: Adam Hourigan

Susanna Freymark

Here are some special photos of locals.

Each one was nominated for an Australia Day award this year.

Richmond Valley Council’s photographer Adam Hourigan decided he would capture each person in a way that told their story.

The result is a set of stunning portraits on display at the Casino Community and Cultural Centre in Walker St.

“Rather than just grab the usual head pic, I wanted something that showed a bit about what they did – so I travelled out to each of them – we did a quick video interview (which you can access by scanning the QR code next to each picture) – and then took the picture of them in their environment,” Adam said.

“I think the great thing about the Australia Day awards is it tells the story of the people who are out in the community doing amazing things but never get heard about.

“This was just a way the council could help tell their story.”

Under each photo is a QR code to scan. It takes you online to the person’s story.

Check out all the photos before the display ends. Here is a small selection.

Teena Redman.
Adam Bailey.
Terry Smith.
Bruce Lyle.
Joseph Mohammed.
Evans Head Surf Lifesaving crew.

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