Thank you to the Quizzer, the Baker, the Gardener, the Joker and the Website maker

A year ago today, September 29, was launched.

Its aim was to provide quality and diverse news stories for Richmond Valley and Kyogle residents.

While Susanna Freymark has reported on stories, she hasn’t done it alone.

There’s been Bernice Shepherd who has written 12 gardening stories.

Michael Burlace has written seven stories dealing with issues such as the complexities of why the floods happened and how elections work. His work on creating and developing the website is invaluable.

Every week John James Maloney writes 10 quiz questions. The quiz is published every Saturday morning. John always adds a little local twist to the quiz.

Bullgoose has written a column every week. His offbeat humour all the way from Bonalbo provides some light if not tortured relief for readers.

Debbie Reid from Kyogle CWA Evening Branch sent her first recipe to  on how to make Wagon Wheel Slice. We still haven’t got over that, but the rest of her 29 recipes can be found here.

Thank you contributors. You add layers and colours to the news site with your advice, whacky words and more.

You are, quite simply – wonderful.

Debbie Reid, Michael Burlace, Bullgoose, John James Maloney and Bernice Shepherd.

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