The village that loves Christmas

ABOVE: The hoop pines are decorated with giant Christmas ribbons.

Susanna Freymark

Christmas greeting banners are hung at both entrances to the village.

The 12 hoop pines that line the road through the village are decorated with big red ribbons.

The bronze dog statue in the park even has a red tinsel collar on.

The famous working dog statue in Bonalbo.

This is Bonalbo. Population 278 according to the 2021 Census.

What the Australian Bureau of Statistics doesn’t measure is Christmas spirit.

And Bonalbo has it in sleigh loads.

Dave Tucker puts up the village banners.

The Bonalbo SOS Progress Association is responsible for the Christmas atmosphere in the village.

Progress member Sharon Tucker said they had been doing the ribbons for about four years.

“When my son was at university, I’d visit him in Brisbane and in St Lucia I would see graceful avenues of ribbons,” Sharon said.

Sharon Tucker gathering the ribbons. Photo: Dave Tucker

The progress association decided it was a good idea for Bonalbo.

This year a Christmas tree was hoisted onto the awning of the Bonalbo Memorial Hall and Sharon’s husband Dave Tucker and association president John Tart attached the lights to add another decoration to the village.

A new tree this year on the Bonalbo Hall awning.

There have been Christmas events such as the Haystack Christmas where the Haystack Mountain Hermits performed on the decorated stage at Bonalbo Hall.

The Haystack Mountain Hermits played the Christmas gig.

The lit-up ribbon on the stage was the new purchase for the association this year, Sharon said.

Santa took a ride on the Bonalbo fire truck to visit the preschool children.

Take a drive to the Christmassy Bonalbo and enjoy the sights.

Bonalbo Central School has decorated the fence. Photos: Sharon Tucker
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