Twins, an addictive white powder and a burning man – it’s enough to give anyone ochlophobia

Quizmaster John James Maloney has a few tricky questions this week.


1 Born 100 years ago on September 17, 1923, Hank Williams was well known as what?

2 What happened to the folks attending the recent Burning Man festival in Nevada?

3 If you have been diddled what has occurred?

4 NaCl is the chemical symbol for what common substance?

5 What is a gazetteer?

6 Is ochlophobia a fear of crowds or wide open empty spaces?

7 Which sign of the Zodiac is represented by twins?

8 Who is the William Manchester book The Death of a President about?

9 Who was actor Anne Bancroft’s second husband?

10 Who sang the 1976 hit Turn the Beat Around?

What’s that white powder?


1 Country music icon, singer/songwriter and recording star.

2 They were flooded in – in a sea of mud.

3 Cheated, tricked or swindled out of money or just shortchanged.

4 Salt.

5 A geographical dictionary or directory often used with a map or atlas. It may have a range of information about a place, country, region or continent.

6 Fear of crowds.

7 Gemini.

8 John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

9 Actor, comedian, and filmmaker Mel Brooks.

10 Vicki Sue Robinson.

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