VIDEO: Bonalbo in flood, where to get help and sandbags

Susanna Freymark

Bonalbo is dealing with the floodwaters as all roads in and out of the area are closed.

John Tart took this video of water rushing down Sandilands St in Bonalbo.

Michael Braun said they have had to evacuate Bonalbo Caravan Park because of the rising waters of Peacock Creek.

He said where his caravan once stood, it is now rapids.

Residents are helping each other with bread and milk supplies.

Anyone in Bonalbo needing sandbags, they are available near entrance to the oval, They are only three quarters fill, take a shovel or call for help on 0488 126 803 or 0428 651 211.

Bonalbo’s hall is available if anyone needs a dry place. Ring 0488 126 803.

Call the SES in an emergency 132 500.

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