Was this photo taken in outer space or closer to home?

Katie Ashton-McKenzie took these pics of the bioluminescence in the water at Evans Head.

Susanna Freymark

Katie Ashton-McKenzie took photos of moving fluorescent shapes in the water at the marina at Evans Head.

Conditions have conspired to bring a show of bioluminescence and the bright blue lights in the water are attracting attention.

“It’s amazing,” Katie said.

“The wind was blowing and setting it off.

“It’s like the Northern Lights but in the water.”

No one knows how long the bioluminescence display will last in Evans Head.

Photo taken at Evans Head marina.

What causes the lights in the water?

According to National Geographic, it is a light produced by a chemical reaction in a living organism.

Most bioluminescent organisms are found in the ocean. Bioluminescent marine species include fish, bacteria and jellyfish. Some bioluminescent organisms, including fireflies and fungi, are found on land.

To cause this lighting up there is a chemical reaction generally involving a light-emitting molecule called luciferin and an enzyme, luciferase.

Katie said the bioluminescence has been going on for a week. She saw a similar display in West Ballina.

She took her photos by the rock wall near the fish co-op at Evans Head. You might get lucky too.

On December 14 there was an algal blooming the water at Evans Head marina.

Photo taken from the marina looking down.
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