Waterlogged paddocks drive cattle sell-off at NRLX

File pic of the NRLX at Casino. Photo: Susanna Freymark

At the NRLX cattle sale today, Wednesday, May 29, the sell-off continued, mainly driven by waterlogged paddocks and depleting feed supplies as numbers increased overall with a higher supply of cows.

The main increase though was the larger number of young cattle.

There was a yarding of 2300 head. The yarding consisted mainly of vealers and weaners along with several pens of yearlings.  Quality of the young cattle was very mixed with a large percentage showing roughness in the coat.

The largest percentage of vealers and weaners were acquired by restockers and backgrounders with a small percentage going to process. 

The market varied considerably again this week with some of the usual buyers absent. 

Buyers that were present were selective in their purchases and showed keener interest in the better bred and presented cattle on offer, they also were prepared to pay a premium price for cattle caring weight.

Restocker weaner steers were 30c to 40 c cheaper depending on weight and breed, there was a range in price of 170c to 380c for a average of 300c/kg. 

Restocker weaner heifers were 40c cheaper with some of the light plain conditioned calves loosing more ranging from 158c to 232c/kg. 

Veal to process sold from 182c to 210c/kg. Yearlings were less affected in the price fall with the steers selling from 158c to 232c, while yearling heifers ranged from 148c to 276c/kg.

The yarding of export cattle consisted mainly of cows, while there was a smaller offering of grown steers and heifers.  Grown steers wearer only slightly easier selling from 242c to 270c, while grown heifers reached a top price of 261c/kg. 

The yarding of cows consisted of increased numbers of plainer grades, however there was several pens of well finished 3 and 4 score cows through the sale. 

The market was cheaper by 10c for the better finished cows, while the plainer grades suffered the greatest loss.  2 score cows mainly medium weights sold from 138c to 198c while 3 score medium weights averaged 300c and 4 score cows ranged from 192c  to 224c/kg.       

Report compiled by Doug Robson from Meat & Livestock Australia

Cattle reports can be read in one place here.

Details from May 29 sale at the NRLX.

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