Weaner cattle show effects of wet winter at cattle sales

Agents yarded 824 head at the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange regular prime sale on Wednesday, October 5.

The yarding had a good supply of young cattle and a fair penning of cows.

The yarding of young cattle was made up mainly of weaners and a few pens of light yearlings.

Quality was mixed with a large percentage of weaner cattle showing the effects of the wet winter.

Cow prices held firm this week averaging 338c/kg and reaching a top of 392c/kg.

Heifer prices also remained steady with lighter stock up to 250kg averaging 575c/kg and topping at 735c/kg. Heavier heifers over 250kg averaged 463c/kg and reached a top of 554c/kg.

Bull prices saw little change this week with 30 head sold averaging 339c/kg and 536kg.

Lighter steer prices saw an increase with those up to 250kg averaging 653c/kg and reaching a top of 852c/kg. Heavier steers over 250kg were easier averaging 479c/kg and topping at 714c/kg.

A small number of bullocks sold on the day averaged 350c/kg and reached a top of 388c/kg.

Lighter vealer prices were dearer this week with those up to 250kg averaging 662c/kg and reaching a top of 815c/kg.

Heavier vealers over 250kg saw a drop averaging 550c/kg with a top price of 654c/kg.

Ian Weir & Son held a store sale at the NRLX on Friday, October 7 with 572 head going under the hammer.

Steers topped at 758c/kg and averaged 574c/kg and 267kg and heifers reached a top of 712c/kg and averaged 557c/kg and 217kg.

Cows reached a top price of $2,300 and cows & calves topped at $3,800.

T&W McCormack and Ramsey & Bulmer will hold a joint store sale on Friday, October 14.

NRLX business administration coordinator Tegan George

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