Weekend quiz 2021-10-02

Your weekend quiz by John James Maloney


1. In what body organ is vitamin A mostly stored?

2. Canis lupus is more commonly known as what animal?

3. Who wrote the book The Da Vinci Code?

4. John Newcombe was a champion of what sport?

5. Scouse is an English accent and dialect of what city/region?

6. What was Elvis Presley’s middle name?

7. What local government area is Caniaba in?

8. It’s a Long Way to Tipperary was a popular song during what war:  A. Boer. B. Vietnam. C. World War I. D. Korean?

9. Neville Shute wrote the book A Town Like …?

10. What is a beaver’s house called?

Answers below Elvis




1. The liver.

2. A wolf.

3. Dan Brown.

4. Tennis.

5. Liverpool/Merseyside.

6. Aaron.

7. Lismore.

8. World War I.

9. A Town Like Alice.

10. A lodge.

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