WEEKEND QUIZ 20211023: How well do you know Billy Connolly?

The Weekend Quiz by John James Maloney


1 How many musicians play in a dectet?

2 Where was World Expo 1988 held?

3 What local government area is Myrtle Creek in?

4 What detective lived at 221B Baker Street, London?

5 Which singer had the number 1 hit Rhinestone Cowboy?

6 What vegetable first arrived in Ireland in 1588?

7 The constellation Canes Venatici is commonly known as the …?

8 What musical instrument does comedian Billy Connolly play?

9 The Calgary Stampede is held in which country?

10 What does the Latin phrase caveat emptor mean?

Answers below the picture.




1 10.

2 Brisbane.

3 Richmond Valley.

4 Sherlock Holmes.

5 Glen Campbell.

6 The potato.

7 The Hunting Dogs.

8 Banjo.

9 Canada.

10 Let the buyer beware.

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