WEEKEND QUIZ 20211120: Here’s a clue – what does this golf ball look like?

Your weekend quiz from John James Maloney


1 Haggis is a dish of what country’s cuisine?
2 In what state are Wombeyan Caves?
3 Which Australian pop singer was conscripted for two years of army service in 1967 and posted to Vietnam?
4 Which nations reputedly have not had a case of covid?
5 A wildebeest is also called by what three-letter name?
6 In what local government area is Stokers Siding?
7 What are you doing if you are doing the lindy hop?
8 Which two men keep swapping places as the richest person on the planet?
9 What is the only food that never spoils?
10 What game was “played” on the Moon in 1971 by astronaut Alan Shepard?
Answers below this unappealing picture of a haggis. 





1 Scotland.
2 NSW.
3 Normie Rowe.
4 (This answer may be out of date by the time you read it) Nauru, Tuvalu, Turkmenistan, North Korea.
5 Gnu.
6 Tweed Shire.
7 Dancing.
8 Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.
9 Honey.
10 Golf.

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