WEEKEND QUIZ 20211126: What were the names of Harry Potter’s parents?

The Weekend Quiz by John James Maloney

1 In Greek mythology who turned all he touched to gold?
2 What were the given names of Harry Potter’s mother and father?
3 What planet is known as the red planet?
4 Argentinians call them Islas Malvinas but what do the English call them?
5 In Genesis in The Bible who is the father of Shem, Ham  & Japheth?
6 In what local government area is Palmers Island?
7 Which duo had the 1984 hit Last Christmas?
8 What is the colour of Liverpool Football Club uniforms for at-home games?
9 What is a garbanzo?
10 Thomas Angove of Renmark SA invented what wine packaging?
Answers below this lovely red planet.


1 King Midas.
2 Lily & James.
3 Mars.
4 The Falkland Islands.
5 Noah.
6 Clarence Valley.
7 Wham!
8 Red.
9 A chickpea.
10 The wine cask (aka goonsack).
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