WEEKEND QUIZ 20211204: Ladybird, ladybird, what are you doing in our quiz?

The Weekend Quiz by John James Maloney

1 A Yule log cake is a traditional food served at what time of the year?
2 What fruit has a variety called blood?
3 What country is the singer-songwriter Lorde from?
4 What was the unusual first name used by US President Lyndon Johnson’s wife?
5 In what local government area is Cabarita Beach?
6 Forbes, NSW, is on the banks of what river?
7 Sir Frank Williams who died on November 29 aged 79 was an icon of what sport?
8 Who was the Australian rock ‘n’ roll pioneer called the Wild One?
9 Tin Lizzy and the Flivver were nicknames given to what early motor car?
10 What is a cormorant?

Answers below this tasty looking cake.

1 Christmas.
2 Blood orange.
3 New Zealand.
4 Lady Bird Johnson.
5 Tweed Shire.
6 Lachlan River.
7 Formula One car racing.
8 Johnny O’Keefe.
9 The Model T Ford.
10 A seabird.


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