WEEKEND QUIZ 20211211: Jaws scared the beejeezus out of us how many times?

The Weekend Quiz by John James Maloney

1 What is the constellation on the Australian flag?
2 In what local government area is Upper Mongogarie?
3 What gifts did the Three Wise Men bring to baby Jesus in the Bible story?
4 Mayfair and Park lane are the two most expensive sites in the UK version of what classic board game?
5 Half a pound of tuppeny rice, Half a pound of treacle is a line from what classic nursery song?
6 Who wrote the classic Australian children’s book The Magic Pudding?
7 Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor were known as what comedy group?
8 What unfolding disaster has put the Canary Islands on the world news pages this year?
9 How many Jaws films were made in the franchise?
10 What flavour is the Italian liqueur Amaretto?

Answers below this pic of three wise men with presents.


1 Southern Cross.
2 Richmond Valley.
3 Gold, frankincense and myrrh.
4 Monopoly.
5 Pop Goes the Weasel.
6 Norman Lindsay.
7 The Goodies.
8 Volcanic eruption.
9 Four films.
10 Almond.

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