WEEKEND QUIZ 20211224: Know your darts and test your knowledge

Ten questions from quizmaster John James Maloney


1 True or false, Charlotte and Oliver were the most popular names for girl and boy babies this year?

2 Prince Louis of Cambridge is what number in line to the British throne?

3 In what country did brie cheese originate?

4 What sauce is a traditional accompaniment to roast turkey in northern Britain and the US?

5 In what local government area is South Gundurimba?

6 What actor starred in Perry Mason 1957–1966 and Ironside 1967–1975?

7 On a dartboard, what number is opposite number 1?

8 What fruit has a variety called Santa Claus – apple, banana, cherry or melon?

9 A 1975 gold record for Bill and Boyd was Santa Never Made it into… Dapto,  Darwin, Dorrigo or Dungog?

10 O Tannenbaum is a Christmas folk tune originating in what country?

Answers below this video of the song by Bill and Boyd


1 True.

2 Fifth.

3 France.

4 Cranberry sauce.

5 Lismore.

6 Raymond Burr.

7 19 is opposite 1.

8 Santa Claus melon.

9 Darwin.

10 Germany.

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