WEEKEND QUIZ 20220115: Cyclones, gazpacho and the odd quaff

Ten questions from quizmaster John James Maloney.


1 What ex tropical cyclone caused recent flooding around Maryborough, Qld?

2 What is gazpacho?

3 What does the word quaff mean?

4 In 2020 during covid lockdown, zumping became a phenomenon. What is it?

5 In what local government area is Coutts Crossing?

6 What animal has a breed Samoyed?

7 Vexillology is the study and collecting of?

8 What was Russian Igor Stravinsky (June 17, 1882–April 6, 1971) famous for?

9 In May 1991 who had the number 1 hit The Horses?

10 In what North African country is the city of Fez and what article of clothing does it give its name to?

Answers below this wild cyclone


1 Cyclone Seth.

2 A cold vegetable soup from Andalusia, Spain.

3 To drink heartily – especially alcoholic beverages.

4 To dump your romantic partner via Zoom app or video call.

5 Clarence Valley.

6 Dog.

7 Flags.

8 One of the most important classical music composers of the 20th Century.

9 Daryl Braithwaite.

10 Morocco and a hat.

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