WEEKEND QUIZ 20220205: Eye of the Tiger and other wild questions

Ten questions from quizmaster John James Maloney

1 This is the Chinese year of the what?

2 On what continent is the Tigris River?

3 Who had the 1982 hit theme from Rocky III, Eye of the Tiger?

4 What place gives its name to a breed of tiger: Bombay; Bonalbo; Bengal; or Bhutan?

5 In which local government area is the old gold mining place Lionsville?

6 What was the name of the daughter of Welsh TV presenter Paula Yates and Australian INXS frontman Michael Hutchence?

7 The 2012 film about a man adrift in a lifeboat with a tiger was: Life of Brian; Life of Jai; Life of Riley; or Life of Pi?

8 Which A. A. Milne children’s story book character had friends Eeyore and Tigger?

9 What is the name for a group of tigers?

10 What sport is Tiger Woods known for excellence in?

Answers below this picture, which is a big clue to one of the questions


1 Year of the tiger.

2. Asia.

3. Survivor.

4. Bengal.

5 Clarence Valley.

6 Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence (known as Tiger).

7 The Life of Pi.

8. Winnie the Pooh.

9 A streak of tigers; an ambush of tigers or a hide of tigers are all accepted terms for a group of tigers.

10 Golf.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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