WEEKEND QUIZ 20220430: You decide if it is phantasmagorical or a Duroc

Here’s your 10 questions from Quizmaster John James Maloney.

1 What is advocaat?

2 Patrick Star is which cartoon character’s best friend?

3 Who had the 1980 hit song Singin’ in the ’80s

The Television; The Monitors; The Screens; or The Channels?

4 What is Cuba’s currency called?

5 The Durham Ox Inn was an early pub where which town now stands … Kyogle; Ballina; Casino; or Dunoon?

6. What does the word phantasmagorical mean?

7. Iluka is in which local government area?

8. How many dwarfs were in the Snow White story?

9 What common farm animal has a breed called Duroc … Pig; Goat; Cow; or Ox?

10. What would you do with a croquembouche?

Answers below this animated sponge.


1 A traditional Dutch alcoholic drink made from eggs, sugar and brandy.

2 SpongeBob SquarePants.

3 The Monitors.

4 Peso.

5 Casino.

6 It describes something full of different images, like a confused dream – with a fantastical, unreal, deceptive or shifting appearance.

7 Clarence Valley.

8 Seven.

9 Pig.

10 It might be a good idea to eat it – it is a French dessert of choux pastry puffs piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel.

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