WEEKEND QUIZ 20220507: If you know what quinquagesimal means, you are too smart

Quizmaster John James Maloney brings his latest quiz questions. See how you go.


1 In what state or territory is the town of Horsham?

3 Who is the father of boxing champion Tim Tszyu?

4 What fruit has a variety Jazz?

5 Who wrote the book Little House on the Prairie?

6 Which Australian band had the iconic 1987 hit song Run to Paradise?

7 In what year did the first Wimbledon tennis tournament take place … 1877; 1907; or 1927?

8 In what local government area is Yamba?

9 Who was the star of the film Ace Ventura Pet Detective?

10 Paʻanga is the currency of what Pacific nation?

Remember this show? You’re showing your age. Answers below.


1 Victoria.

2 50 days or items.

3 Kostya Tszyu.

4 Apple.

5 Laura Ingalls Wilder.

6 Choirboys.

7 1877.

8 Clarence Valley.

9 Jim Carrey.

10 Tonga.

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