WEEKEND QUIZ 20220515: Liquor, Flicka, Flipper or Nipper? You choose

Here are ten questions from you favourite Quizmaster John James Maloney.

1 What is the famous painting La Giaconda more commonly called?

2 What is the capital city of Finland?

3 CaraCara, Bahia and Dream Navel are varieties of what fruit?

4 What is Elton John’s middle name?

5 A famous 1941 novel later adapted into a film and TV series was My Friend … Liquor; Flicka; Flipper; or Nipper?

6 Johannes Gutenberg was the first European to use what?

7 In what decade was Harold Holt prime minister?

8 Who had the September 1986 hit record You’re the voice?

9 Wooloweyah is a location in what local government area?

10 Harpaxophobia is the fear of what?

Answers below this pic of a pop star with an unusual middle name.


1 Mona Lisa. 

2 Helsinki.

3 Oranges. 

4 Hercules. 

5 Flicka.

6 A printing press with movable type.

7 1960s.

8 John Farnham. 

9 Clarence Valley.

10 Fear of robbers or being robbed.

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