WEEKEND QUIZ 20220604: A dog by any other name …

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 questions for you.

1 What was the name of the piano-playing dog on the Muppets Show?

2 What was the surname of Dennis the Menace (the US cartoon that appeared in many newspapers in Australia, not the different British cartoon – they were unrelated but bizarrely debuted the same day) in cartoons, a TV series and film?

3 What singer was Administrator of the Northern Territory 2003–2007: … Ted Egan; Slim Dusty; Tex Morton; or Chad Morgan?

4 On what continent is Peru?

5 Who had the 1982 million-selling No. 1 hit Come on Eileen?

6 What colours are plumbago flowers?

7 In what local government area is Pottsville?

8 In what activity might someone pull the ripcord?

9 How many years has the Queen been on the throne?

10 How did LeBron James make history this week?

Answers below her Majesty.


1 Rowlf.

2 Mitchell.

3 Ted Egan.

4 South America.

5 Dexys Midnight Runners. 

6 They can be white, purple, red, or pink but blue is probably the most common in local gardens.

7 Tweed.

8 During a parachute jump or skydiving.

9 70.

10 First active NBA player to become a billionaire.

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