WEEKEND QUIZ 20220611: Know your culture, films and ponies

Quizmaster John James Maloney has ten questions for you to answer. See how you go.

1. In which of the arts would we find the term glissando used?

2. An Anglophile greatly admires which country and its culture?

3. What is the meaning of higgledy-piggledy?

4. In what part of Australia is Mataranka?

5. What is a gymkhana?

6. Austin Butler portrays which legendary musician in a new film directed by Baz Lurhmann?

7. What style of music is the band Rammstein (formed in 1994) known for?

8 What recording group had the million selling 1979 hit My Sharona?

9 A howdah is a seat and canopy usually perched on what animal to allow more than one person to be carried?

10 What is the main ingredient of guacamole dip?

Answers below this jumping horse.


1 Music (it’s a glide from one pitch to another).

2 England and, by extension, the United Kingdom.

3 In confusion or disorder.

4 Northern Territory, 420km southeast of Darwin

5 An event of games on horseback – often organized by young people’s horse riding clubs.

6 Elvis Presley.

7 Heavy metal hard rock.

8 The Knack.

9 An elephant (and very rarely a camel).

10 An avocado.

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