Wet weather affects condition of cattle

Agents yarded 897 head at the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange regular prime sale on Wednesday, May 25.

The yarding consisted of a good supply of young cattle along with a fair penning of cows. The young cattle consisted mainly of light and medium weight weaners with quality on the plainer side. 

Cattle are starting to see a drop in condition with the wet weather taking a toll. However, there were several pens of well bred weaner steers and heifers throughout the sale.

Cow prices held firm this week averaging 333c/kg and reaching a top price of 402c/kg. 

Heifer prices were easier with lighter heifers up to 250kg averaging 658c/kg and topping their category at 828c/kg.

Heavier heifers over 250kg averaged 413c/kg and reached a top of 542c/kg.

Bull prices were stronger again this week with 17 head sold averaging 360c/kg and 689kg. 

Steer prices saw a drop with lighter steers up to 250kg averaging 676c/kg and reaching a top price of 832c/kg.

Heavier steers over 250kg averaged 495c/kg and topped their market at 710c/kg.

A small number of bullocks averaged 430c/kg.

Vealer prices were also down this week with lighter vealers up to 250kg averaging 691c/kg and reaching a top of 850c/kg.

Heavier vealers over 250kg averaged 526c/kg with a top price of 698c/kg.

T&W McCormack and Ramsey & Bulmer will hold a store sale at the NRLX on Friday, June 3 with over 1000 head expected. Further bookings are welcome.

NRLX business coordinator administration Tegan George

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