Who is funding the election campaigns of Page candidates?

Susanna Freymark

Here is information about how Page candidates are funding their election campaigns.

The Australian Electoral Commission has a disclosure scheme designed to increase overall transparency and inform the public about the financial dealings of political parties and candidates.

The disclosure scheme requires candidates to lodge financial disclosure returns with the AEC which are published on the AEC website.

However, the financial disclosures are not published until well after the election which means the voting public do not know how much is spent or who has donated to election campaigns until 15 weeks after the election.

We asked all 10 candidates to provide their funding info. Eight responded.

Ian Williamson’s campaign is funded from two sources.

“Clive Palmer is funding my national media campaign and providing me with standard signs hats and shirts,” Mr Williamson said.

“I’m self-funded for all other aspects of my campaign.”

Ian Williamson

Patrick Deegan said most of his funding comes from Labor party members and supporters who live in the Page electorate.

“We have also received a modest donation from the union movement,” Mr Deegan said.

Patrick Deegan

Hanabeth Luke said her campaign is jointly funded by the community and by Climate 200.

Climate 200 had three conditions when I applied for their funding, Ms Luke said.

1. That I had a supportive team around me (Voices4Page plus my friends and neighbours).

2. That I had raised $10,000 from our communities.

3. That I agreed to act with honesty and integrity as a candidate and in government.

“My team has now raised $54,000 in community donations,” Ms Luke said.

“Since the flood, I haven’t asked for a cent other than to raise funds for the flood and landslide affected (people). But people have kept donating to me anyway, mostly small amounts.”

Hanabeth Luke

Heather Smith said her campaign has so far been funded by private, local individuals “who know and believe in what I stand for.” 

“My donations total is currently $12,000 with another donor pledging to assist with printing some corflutes,” Ms Smith said.

“I am very much dependent on organic grassroots support to get the word out and let voters know that they do have choices this election.”  

I cannot speak for what might be happening at the Australian Federation Party national level other than to say that we, as a party are opposed to taking support from large corporate donors, Ms Smith said.

Heather Smith

Kevin Hogan is the current member for Page.

“Funding for my campaign is organised by the party but is supported by many local individuals and businesses.

“Funding disclosures are available publicly through the AEC,” Mr Hogan said.

(See note at the top of the page about funding disclosures not being available until after the election).

Kevin Hogan

Kashmir Miller said her party is committed to not taking any corporate donations.

“So we can fight for the planet and the people without being in the pockets of large corporations,” Ms Miller said.

“Our elections are funded by membership fees and kind donations from our supporters, all of which are strictly above-board and monitored. We are committed to getting dirty money out of politics by banning all donations from coal and gas corporations.”

Kashmir Miller

Serge Killingbeck is his own campaign funder.

“I’ve received a bit of help, $200 from my GoFundMe and I was allowed $2000 from TNL’s money raised generally through memberships and the like, as is each candidate.,” Mr Killingbeck said.

“Otherwise each of us funds our own campaign.”

Serge Killingbeck

Tom Searles said asking for money was not his strong suit.

” I held a launch party at the beginning of the campaign and invited all the people who are hurting from the floods, the mandates, and even those who still haven’t recovered or received help from the bushfires. It was so wonderful to see everyone together, a real community I want to fight for.  We didn’t make much money but it was perfect. These people are legends and everyone was so motivated. I can make more money later, but this is my only community.”

Thomas Searles

Liberal Democrats

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