Will you fold when rushing for gold or need a triple tipple to display your birdly wisdom in the land of Quizdom?

Quizmaster John James Maloney has a new set of quiz questions for you.


1 In which Richmond Valley town is Razorback Lookout?

2 What was English folk singer Ralph McTell’s greatest hit song?

3 Wand’rin’ Star was a hit song from what musical set in Gold Rush-era California?

4 Aureolin is a shade of what colour?

5 Is the peregrine an owl or a falcon?

6 What does a person do to earn the title a tippler?

7 Montego Bay is a holiday destination on which Caribbean island?

8 What is Sir Paul McCartney’s middle name – John or James?

9 Nasi goreng is a national dish of which country?

10 What is the Japanese art of paper folding called?

Yum, yum… fly me to the country this comes from.


1 Evans Head.

2 Streets of London.

3 Paint your Wagon.

4 Yellow.

5 A falcon.

6 They frequently drink alcohol in usually small quantities.

7 Jamaica.

8 James.

9 Indonesia.

10 Origami.

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